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Lint/ Pet Hair/ Fluff Clothes Fuzz Fabric Shaver Remover

Lint/ Pet Hair/ Fluff Clothes Fuzz Fabric Shaver Remover

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How mad are you about your pet's hair on your clothes?

I remember when I was a child and I liked to play with my dog ​​or even a cat. It was pretty cool but the saddest part was when their hair was on my clothes. My mom would be mad if she sees my clothes with so much hair. That's why my function was to take out enough quantity of hair. 

Even when I put different types of clothing materials together, I can notice that the fabric of one of the clothes gets mixed up and becomes very difficult to remove.


Even on your carpet at your home...

The most boring and difficult part would be removing all this excess fabric and animal hair. Some people tend to remove it by hand or even buy a roll of tape to remove it. Despite being a temporary help, you need to roll it frequently and the adhesive tape will run out until you need to buy another one, causing you to spend more money.


Now, hold a second...

We present you products that will really make a difference in your life. That's why this remover came to make a difference at Brilliant House. By choosing the color you want, you no longer need to stress about the hair that remains on your clothes, even when you want a nice outfit before to hang out!


✅Double-sided cutter head, Smooth on one side, Shave on one side.

✅Pure copper blade: no rust, lightly shaved, easy to remove hair balls.

✅Round blade: soft and does not damage clothing.

✅The hair ball is not entangled, easy to clean and take care of.

✅Widen and enlarge the size of the hair removal blade, and the use area is larger.


Regardless of whether you are going to clean your clothes and your carpet, the remover presents you with two parts in which you can clean both your clothes and your carpets.💥





Style: Manual

Size: 15.5x13.5cm

Production: Lint Sticking Roller

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Plastic

Manual Lint Roller: Mini Lint Rollers

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