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Portable Blender Bottle Electric 6 Blades Multifunction Juice Blender

Portable Blender Bottle Electric 6 Blades Multifunction Juice Blender

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How difficult would it be to make juice or your favorite smoothie if you were going to work, traveling, or at a friend's house, but the place you are at doesn't have a blender?

Obviously it would be impossible, especially since no one currently carries a blender in their backpack.🤣😂
At certain times of the week the routine gets very hectic and always requires time to prepare our food. Especially if you play sports, go to the gym or work a few hours a day.


Because Brilliant House is an American company, we know very well how the American people's diet works. A diet focused on fast food as the routine is very hurried. Americans don't eat healthily because they eat whatever they can!

Your health would appreciate it if you had more time to take care of your own health, we know it's difficult for you because in the rush, you eat and drink anything. Health comes first. Learn to value it because we are what we eat. Imagine training hard all week and drinking a milk shake for the simple reason that you are not available to make a nutritional smoothie.


Value your health by stopping drinking high-calorie or high-sugar drinks as they are very bad for your health!

Imagine throwing all your health in the trash because of a poor diet in the long term?
How long will you be a slave to your favorite foods that destroy you?


It's like you tell me that there's no way to make a smoothie when you leave the house, but then you forget what Brilliant House can offer you...✨✨✨


The portable blender is adjustable inside your backpack, it doesn't have as much space as a traditional blender and you don't need to plug it in to use it because it is connected to an internal battery.
Now it's much easier to reach the amount of protein you need after your gym workout.💪

Everything is a matter of practicality, and that's exactly what the blender offers because you can make a smoothie at any time, anywhere, just have the fruits to put in the blender.



Regardless of whether you have little time between work or class, the sharp blades can cut the fruit in just a few moments. This is your investment for your work.

Even if you travel, this is your investment so you don't just drink water on the trip. At all times we have a privilege, and this is yours!

The product we offer does not only come with a blender and a bottle, in either option, we have a cup along with a lid to store your drink safely.




Type: Twin-Gear (Triturating) Juicer

Speed Adjustment: Two Gears

Shape of Charging Port: Round

Rating (Rpm): 18001-20000Rpm

Pulp Container Volume: < 500ml

Power (W): 150w

Origin: Mainland China

Laying Method: Mini

Housing Material: Food Grade ABS

Function: Juicing, STIRRING, Milk Shake

Cup Body Material: glass

Charging Port Shape: Round

Certification: CE

Capacity: 400ml

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

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